Welcome to our not-so-fancy website!  We believe that a lower overhead translates to the best possible prices to the customer.  So we apoligize if we don't have the best website because we built it ourselves, or don't have high paid commission sales people to perform a "dog and pony show".  What we do have is integrity and the best interests of our customers in mind, with that being said, Welcome to our not-so-fancy website!

Solair Water Filters is a water purification and filter company, servicing any type of equipment within 200 miles of Fort Smith, Arkansas.  We specialize in problem water solutions for both residential and commercial applications.  Our business is service driven with an emphasis on providing the best possible information to the customer, so you may choose a treatment option that best suits your needs and expectations.
We truely appreciate our customers, if you don't absolutely Love our service, we want to know!
*Iron and Sulphur
*Sediment and Hardness
*pH Adjustment
*Reverse Osmosis
*DI Water
*Retention Systems
*Replacement filters and media
*Laboratory Water Testing
*Field Testing
*Free Consultation
Solair Water Filters                                                                         
Fort Smith Main Office:  2900 North "O" St.  Fort Smith AR, 72901    River Valley phone:479-783-1580
Rogers Service Office:  1630 South 8th St, Suite #5 Rogers AR, 72756         NWA phone:479-245-9283
Toll Free: 1-866-224-9283   Fax: 479-441-1581
Email: service@solairwater.com

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Our goal is to provide a quality source of information and to assist any consumer that is interested in providing their friends, family, or industry with clean, safe, and usable water.  If you have or know someone that has problem water, you've seen the effects it can have on daily life.  With the world's population ever-growing and the quality levels of our water supplies decreasing, it has proven more advantagous to treat problem water on site.  The first thing to take note of is not going to be the initial investment of purchasing proper equipment, but to understand what is involved in maintaining your equipment long-term.  As with any type of filter there will be on going replacement costs to take into consideration to ensure your equipment functions properly for years to come.  We want to encourage consumers nation-wide to ask the proper questions when considering treatment options.  We hope our site helps and we are always open to suggestions on how we could improve our service and information.  Feel free to contact us for any reason!

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Solair Water, Inc., Water Filtration & Purification Equipment, Fort Smith, AR
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